Many things in Exmouth and the Ningaloo Reef are available all year round, other things are seasonal. Below I have tried to let you know what things will be available during the time you wish to visit us. 

January: the turtles may still be laying their eggs but most have finished. Eggs laid earlier in the season are hatching and those impossibly cute babies are on their way to the sea. There are three known species of turtles on the reef, the Green, Loggerhead and Hawksbill turtles. Further away from the nesting beaches you can cool off and swim with the amazing sea creatures who call Ningaloo Reef home. A favourite beach year round is Turquoise Bay, Sandy Bay is less well known and just as beautiful and Bundegi is always pretty good. Unlike more northerly waters stingers and nasty jellyfish visit only very occasionally and don’t hang around very long.

Yardie Creek is a favourite spot, the colours of the rocks and the water has to be seen to be believed and a walk along the top seeing the black footed rock wallabies and osprey nests is a must.

Just south of Exmouth is known nursery area for Reef Sharks. They are a small shark and are only aggressive if you chase and annoy them.

The lizards have been breeding over Christmas and we have lots of babies here.

All year round you can go fishing both off shore and further out. You can go out on half day or full day trips on a charter fishing vessel. Great fun!!

Another way of checking out the scenery is by microlight, again an all year round tour. All of our guests who have flown this way have raved about it saying it has been the highlight of their trip. You see everything, turtles, dugongs, whalesharks (in season), mantas, sharks, everything!

February: The last of the hatchlings are making their way in the big wide world.

Oyster Stacks is an excellent snorkelling site.

Depending on how much rain we have had (it’s often not much) the kangaroos and emus come onto the property to take advantage of the water we have for them. They have to share with the numerous species of birds. Even though it is a quiet time and often very hot, there is still quite a lot going on if you just sit and wait for it to happen. By the way we have good air conditioners.

March: Fishing is fantastic year round in Exmouth. There are over 30 different Game fish species, with the Ningaloo region being recognized as the premier game fishing destination in Western Australia.Don’t miss Gamex, the world famous week long fishing competition and the Bill Fishing tournament.

To coincide with the moon’s phases the coral spawn each year in March and April. Coral Spawning is when the coral releases eggs and sperm into the surrounding ocean. This occurs approximately 7-10 days after the full moon in March and April.

The coral spawning leads into the Whaleshark season

April:Whalesharks generally arrive just after the second coral spawning and stay until the end of July. These beautiful creatures are the worlds’ biggest fish and totally harmless unless you are a zooplankton. Don’t be misled by its name.They are truly awesome creatures; I don’t use the word lightly.

Just a word of warning about April! Often Easter fall in April and It is school holidays and extremely busy; please make sure you book your accommodation and tours early so you don’t miss out.

May: In my view the perfect time to visit. The weather is still warm during the day and very pleasant sitting out at night time and the water is still warm enough from summer. The whalesharks are here, if you time it later in the month the humpback whales are moving north to their breeding grounds further north, the mantas and turtles are happy to swim with you. The kangaroos, emus and lizards are visiting; and depending on how much rain we have had the wildflowers will be starting.

June: Nearly as good as May, the weather is still warm during the day and sitting out over a barbecue or a drink on the verandah is one of the most pleasant and relaxing things you can do.

There are lots of things to do during the day. The Humpback Whales are heading north. Watching them from the lighthouse is pretty special. Whalesharks are plentiful but you need to book a tour to be able to swim with them. They are a bit big to swim too close inshore. Snorkelling is a must and there are heaps of really good places to go. Perhaps a dive on the Navy Pier, one of the top ten shores dives in the world. All of our guests who have done, this can’t stop smiling about it. John has done this dive a few times both day and night and he reckons it is a bit special.

A drive up Charles Knife Rd and a short walk to Thomas Carter lookout is a must and its perfect weather to enjoy a walk into Mandu Mandu Gorge.

Even if you are not going on an early tour you can enjoy the sunrise, some are absolutely stunning. At the other end of the day enjoy a magnificent sunset. Star gazing is pretty spectacular. Because we are out of town the lights don’t affect us and you can see that there are too many stars up there to put on a chart.

The kangaroos come onto the verandah and eat my plants, must do something about that.

July: Beautiful weather this month, a little cooler than June but a lot better than down south. Everything is still with us, whalesharks, humpbacks, kangaroos, emus, lizards, manta and turtles.

Exmouth has a wonderful climate. With no real wet season, it’s usually dry and warm all year. Summer daytime temperatures range from high30’s to high 40's while a typical winters’ day reaches around 25 degrees. Water temperatures vary from 18-28 degrees - perfect beach weather all year.

It’s also good to go down to Yardie Creek, it’s perfect to go on a boat cruise in the morning and have lunch under the trees before going for a walk along the top of Yardie Creek and see the rock wallabies from a different angle.

The birds are nesting, there are heaps of different ones, bee - eaters, pink and greys, mudlarks, cockatoos, green parrots; lots of them and more.

Again school holidays are very busy; please book the things you really want to do.

August: There are still some whalesharks around but not as many as before, who knows where they go? We don’t, but the humpbacks have come back into the Gulf with their babies. Even if you don’t go on a cruise for close ups you can see them from the shore. You can even see them from the verandah teaching their little ones all the social skills they need. They breach and play during the day and you can hear them tail slapping while you are having a nightcap.

It’s still perfect beach weather and you start to realise that all the grey nomads who come north for the southern wintermight actually know what they are doing. We do have something pretty special here.

September: The emu chicks have hatched and are still striped and cute. Mantas and humpbacks are still here, the birds are still here being fabulous, just at the moment we have thousands of wild budgies. The weather is getting a bit warmer, nice!

Don’t forget you can go on a fishing charter or see it all in its magnificent colours on a microlight flight.

School holidays again can be quite busy.

October: Its starting to warm up properly now. The emu chicks have grown quite a lot and are practising being big. You can see the whales heading south and a whaleshark is a rare sight but there is still heaps to do. Mantas are still here and some of the best snorkelling and fishing anywhere in the world or just relaxing on a nice warm beach can’t be bad.

November: The last of the whales are heading south. The turtles are starting to nest again. The lizards are back with us ready to lay their eggs in the garden. They are very pretty and fun to watch.

December: It’s getting quite hot but there are still beaches to visit and snorkelling sites to keep cool at. Turtles are nesting; it’s quite amazing to see them doing it, it’s just such hard work for them getting up the beach.